Please note that you have to execute the FIND command first, i.e. you always have to define the set of files to operate on before you may apply any renaming.

As for the replace command, you may exclude files from the list by unselecting the respective checkbox in the file list. Files thus excluded will not be renamed.

Specify the part of the file names that should be replaced in the first textbox ("Find..."). All changes that would apply are immediately displayed in the right column of the file list. This gives you the best controle over what will happen when you press the "Rename" button. Please note that no changes will be made until you press the "Rename" button.

You may use regular expressions or the simple pattern that is used for the file names on the "Find" tab. Select or unselect the "Regular Expression" checkbox accordingly.
You can also specify whether the expression shall be case sensitive or not. This applies to both, regular expressions and simple patterns.

By default FAR protects the file extension from changes since this may render the file unreadable for other applications. You may however decide to include the file extension (i.e. to lift the protection), or even to apply changes to the file extension only. Select the last radio button if you want to change nothing but the file extension.

The second text field takes the text you want to use as a replacement. If you have been using regular expressions, you may now use a replacement pattern with capturing groups. See the regular expressions help for details.

You can also force file names to become all uppercase (or all lower case). Note that this applies to all files in the list, whether they match the pattern in the "Find..." text field or not.

If the "Prevent Case Conflict" checkbox at the bottom of the page is selected, FAR will not allow that different files get names that differ only in letter case. On Windows this checkbox cannot be deselected.

The Reset button will reset the application to its initial state. In particular will the result file list be cleared.